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    October 22, 2014

EETT in its effort to promote issues of the European postal market announces that the European Regulators Group for postal services (ERGP) conducts a public consultation of the discussion paper on the implementation of universal postal service and organizes a relevant discussion workshop on the subject with stakeholders of the European postal market on November 19, 2014, in Bucharest. It is noted that the public consultation will be completed by 14 November 2014.

Public consultation and discussion will be based on the Discussion Paper on the Implementation of Universal Service in the postal sector and the effects of recent changes in some countries on the scope of the USO, which was drafted by the ERGP and engages in considering the net cost of universal service. The discussion paper includes a brief history on the determination of the scope of the universal postal service, attempts to identify the issues that arise with regard to universal service and finally raises some questions / concerns.

European providers of postal services, including universal service providers, are invited to participate in the workshop, as well as consumer organizations (national / European), partner organizations of the postal sector (national / European), trade unions (national / European), companies active in e-commerce and members of the ERGP.

For participation in the public consultation, send your comments to:
1) EETT (postalservices@eett.gr or 60 Kifissias Ave., 151 25 Maroussi).
2) Secretariat of the ERGP (Markt-ERGP@ec.europa.eu or mailing address: European Commission, DG MARKT - J59 07/036, Rue Joseph II 59, 1049 Brussels, Belgium).
• The discussion paper is attached in Greek solely for the convenience of those who wish to participate in the public consultation, but it is noted that the working language is English.
• Responses should be signed and submitted in English, electronically or in paper form until 14/11/2014. Any anonymous responses will not be considered. The answers will be published in full on the website of ERGP (http://ec.europa.eu/internal_market/ergp/documentation/consultations/index_en.htm) along with the final version that will result from the process of public consultation and direct dialogue.

To participate in the Bucharest meeting on November 19, 2014, please contact:
1) The Regulatory Authority of Romania (ANCOM) (ergp@ancom.org.ro or mailing address: ANCOM, Strada Delea Nouă, nr.2, Sector 3, 030925, Bucureşti, ROMÂNIA).
2) The Secretariat of the ERGP (Markt-ERGP@ec.europa.eu or the mailing address of the European Commission: European Commission, DG MARKT - J59 07/036, Rue Joseph II 59, 1049 Brussels, Belgium).

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