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The Hellenic Telecommunication & Post Commission (EETT) announces the official text of the Directive 2008/6/EC as it was published in the European Community’s Official Journal L52 of 27.02.2008.

1. The purpose of the Directive is to open EU postal markets fully to competition by 2010.

2. The Directive aims to:
• achieve an internal market for postal services through the removal of exclusive and special rights in the postal sector (the abolition of the reserved area) and the setting of the full market opening timetable;
• safeguard a common level of universal services for users in all EU countries, and  offer a list of measures Member States may take to safeguard and finance, if necessary, the universal service.

3. Accordingly, the Directive establishes common rules concerning:
• the conditions governing the provision of postal services,
• the provision of a universal postal service within the Community,
• the financing of universal services under conditions that guarantee the permanent provision of such services,
• tariff principles and transparency of accounts for universal service provision,
• the setting of quality standards for universal service provision and the setting-up of a system to ensure compliance with those standards,
• the harmonisation of technical standards,
• the creation of independent national regulatory authorities.

4. Dates for market opening: the deadline for market opening is 31 December 2010. The 12 Member States that acceded in 2004 or later, as well as Member States with a particularly difficult topography, have an additional two years to open the market (31 December 2012).

5. Role of national regulatory authorities: National regulatory authorities are able to be provided with all necessary resources, in terms of staffing, expertise and financial means, for the performance of their tasks, such as ensuring compliance with the obligations arising from the Directive as well as ensuring compliance with competition rules in the postal sector.

The New Directive document is available at EETT’s website:
http://www.eett.gr/Regulatory Framework/EETT Decisions/Postal Services Regulatory Framework/European Regulation/Directive 2008/6/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 97/67/EC