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The Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission issued a temporary Provision yesterday, 27 September 2005, pursuant to which the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A., until the issuance of the Commission’s Decision on Injunction Measures, is called to:

  • Abstain from any action regarding cancellations of Carrier Pre-selection on behalf of subscribers that is not in accordance with the Pre-selection cancellation procedure, as this is defined by the provisions that the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission has adopted in a relative Regulation. It should be noted that according to the specific procedure, Carrier Pre-selection cancellation applications are submitted to the pre-selected providers and the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization must then proceed in the cancellation thereof only if and when it receives the specific application from the said providers.
  • Proceed in refusing Carrier Pre-selection activation, only if the reasons that are briefly numbered in the aforementioned Regulation are valid [(a) the applicant’s information differs from the respective information that the pre-selected provider has in its possession, (b) the pre-selected provider is not noted on the application, (c) the application concerns an analogue centre, (d) the request concerns categories of calls for which Pre-selection is not stipulated.]

If the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation does not comply with the content of the Temporary Provision, it shall be threatened with the imposition of an administrative fine equal to 150.00 Euros for every cancellation of or refusal to activate Carrier Pre-selection that is in violation of the present Temporary Provision.

The Temporary Provision was issued within the framework of a relative Hearing that was held by the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission, the purpose of which was to file Injunction Measures against the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation in the case in which it is assumed that Carrier Pre-selection Regulations are violated and, concurrently, aversion of an immediate risk or irreparable malfunction to alternative providers or to public interest concurs.