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The Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) is the National Regulatory Authority for the Postal Sector in Greece. One of the principal duties of EETT is to promote the development of the postal sector and in particular the availability of a universal postal service within, to and from Greece at an affordable price for the benefit of all users.

The postal market in Greece consists of two main sectors: a) the universal services sector, where the Universal Service Provider (USP) and undertakings holding Individual Licenses operate and b) the courier services sector, with undertakings that hold a General Authorisation. The Universal Service Provider appointed by the Greek state, by law, is Hellenic Post S.A. (ELTA).

The provision of postal services by the USP and the other postal operators lies within the National and European regulatory framework.

The undertakings that wish to provide one or more postal services must be granted General Authorisation or Individual License and registered in the Postal Undertakings Register of EETT.

EETT publishes the annual study on the Greek postal market with the aim to inform all stakeholders, businesses and consumers, for the specific conditions prevailing in the market for postal services in Greece.