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Postal service operators are defined as companies that operate commercial conveyance of letters and other addressed consignments. All postal operators are required to file a notification of their operations with EETT. The arrangement constitutes a listing scheme under which the companies are registered, so that EETT can ensure among other requirements that the companies establish adequate procedures, for instance handling of undeliverable items in order to protect the consumers.
Postal undertakings may provide under General Authorisation postal services, which do not fall within the scope of the Universal Postal Service defined in Law 4053/2012 (Gov. Gazette 44/A/2012), after registering with the Postal Undertakings Register kept by EETT, according to the “Regulation on General Authorisations for the Provision of Postal Services” (Gov. Gazette 46/B/2009). Registration in the Register constitutes the General Authorisation.

Postal undertakings may provide postal services that fall within the scope of the Universal Postal Service, provided they hold an Individual License issued by the EETT upon their request, according to the “Regulation on Individual Licenses for the provision of Postal Services” (Gov. Gazette 1439/B/2009). Registration in the Register constitutes the Individual License.