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EETT is the National Regulatory Authority for the Postal Sector in Greece. One of the principal functions of EETT is to promote the development of the postal sector and in particular the availability of a universal postal service within, to and from Greece at an affordable price for the benefit of all users.

In delivering its objectives, EETT’s focus is to:

  • Maintain the availability of an affordable high quality Universal Postal Service to all users in Greece,
  • Secure improvements in quality of service by setting targets for delivery of mail and monitor quality of service performance against targets set in accordance with European standards,
  • Review domestic and international price applications made by ELTA (USP) within the reserved universal service area and monitor tariff principles in the non-reserved area on an ex-poste basis,
  • Ensure accounting procedures are transparent and that cross-subsidization only prevails to the extent necessary to maintain the universal service obligation,
  • Provide guidelines to all providers of postal services to facilitate putting a formal complaints and redress code in place,
  • Promote the development of the postal sector at home by attendance and influencing European and International for a.

The functions set out in the European Communities (Postal Services) Regulations, have been transferred to EETT by the Law 2668/1998, as it was modified by the rule 3185/2003, and the new Law 4053/2012 (Gov. Gazette 44/A/2012).

EETT shall among other things inspect:

  • that Hellenic Post (ELTA) complies with the terms of its concession, which includes living up to the service and quality standards determined for inter alia letters and parcels,
  • that the postal service operators (couriers) comply with their obligation to file notification, and
  • that other postal service providers do not carry mail in contravention of the terms of Hellenic’s Post sector monopoly (until 31/12/2012).