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Latest News

Press Release:

8 June 2017

Opening of the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT)
9th International Conference:

Electronic Communications & Postal Services in the Single Digital Single Market

The regulatory challenges at European level, the development of NGN in the Greek market and the prospects for hybrid TV constitute the main subjects of discussion at the 9th International Conference of the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT) on “Electronic Communications & Postal Services in the Digital Single Market” that was launched today.

The President of EETT, Professor Dimitris Tsamakis, in the inauguration speech stressed that "standing up to the challenges of the new digital era and meeting the objectives of the Digital Agenda 2020 are top priorities for the social and economic progress of the country. The convergence towards a Single Digital Market brings along innovative services for consumers and new business opportunities. To this end, planning, strategy and cooperation of the players involved are required to optimize the use of the networks and make the most of the opportunities that emerge. Within this framework, EETT remains a major facilitator and guarantees regulatory stability, ensuring conditions of fair competition, quality services for consumers and maximum output for the economy. Our International Conference, with the participation of eminent speakers from both Greece and abroad, is a valuable opportunity for an exchange of views, discussion of best practices and presentation of the most updated advancements in the markets of electronic communications and postal services. A message resulting from the work of the first day of the EETT conference focuses on the following: The way out of the crisis and for growth is also digital. "

The second day of the conference focuses on the development of 5G networks and services and the optimal use of the spectrum as well as the dynamics of e-commerce and the growth prospects in the postal market.

Distinguished speakers, senior executives representing providers from Greek and international telecommunications and postal services, as well as officials from the European Commission and international regulators participate in the Conference.

The speaks and videos of the first day of EETT 9th International Conference are available at http://www.eett.gr/
The conference is broadcasted live at http://www.eett.gr/

Press contact
Ioanna Alexopoulou
Head of EETT Public Relations Dept.
Τ: +30 210 6151250
M: + 30 6948 782546
E: i.alexopoulou@eett.gr

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Conference Venue:
DAIS Cultural Center

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