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Electronic Communications & Postal Services in the Digital Single Market

Rapid technological changes shape a new, dynamic environment for the development of electronic communications and postal services. Meeting the goals of the Digital Agenda 2020 -which focuses on connectivity-, moving to 5G, diversifying the services offered, pursuing more efficient business models, ensuring the optimal use of the spectrum, meeting the increasing need for data consumption, offering to the users new services via hybrid TV technology and, of course, taking full advantage of the e-commerce dynamics, are all posing new challenges for the already established players, while also creating windows of opportunities for new ones and broaden consumers’ choices.

Convergence in a single Digital Market brings along significant business opportunities, while also shifting interest towards new directions such as content development and further utilization of networks. Within this framework, regulatory challenges remain essential to ensure conditions of healthy competition, quality services for consumers and maximum benefit for the economy as a whole.

Institutional developments, as well as opportunities and challenges of the Single Digital Market for electronic communications and postal services will be at the focus of EETT's 9th International Conference on 8 and 9 June 2017.

  Ελληνική Έκδοση

Conference Venue:
DAIS Cultural Center

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