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EETT’s 6th International Conference
Advanced Communication Infrastructures
as a Cornerstone for Europe’s Digital Agenda

Athens, DAIS Conference Centre, June 2nd - 3rd 2011

Thursday, June 2nd 2011

09:00-09:30 Arrivals and Registration


Dr. Leonidas Kanellos, EETT President & BEREC Vice Chair

Keynote speech
Mr. Spyros Vougias, Vice Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks

Political Parties’ and Union’s Representatives
  • Mr. Michalis Papadopoulos, Member of the Greek Parliament, Nea Dimokratia / Responsible for the Department of Transport & Communications
  • Mr. Makis Papadopoulos, Member of KKE’s Central Committee, Responsible for the Finance Department
  • Mr. Kostis Aivaliotis, Member of the Greek Parliament, Representative of LAOS
  • Mr. Lefteris Avgenakis, Member of the Greek Parliament, Representative of Democratic Alliance
  • Mr. Michalis Kritsotakis, Member of the Greek Parliament, Representative of SYRIZA (written message)
  • 11:00-11:15 Coffee break


    Session 1 : Broadband everywhere: from digital isolation to digital solidarity

    This session will address the potential of universal broadband service in economic growth, social development and citizen empowerment. It will examine the benefits gained, within concrete user environments, through the successful implementation of citizen-centric services via high speed communication networks. Speakers will present success stories from all around the world about:
  • Inclusion issues of rural and remote areas in the new service economy
  • Broadband access as an enabler for economic recovery
  • User driven innovation leading societal change
  • Tailoring innovative applications to citizen needs

  • Keynote Speakers:
  • Mr. Julius Genachowski, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), USA
    “The US broadband plan” (recorded message)

  • Dr. J.S. Sarma, Chairman, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
    “Broadband for all in India” (recorded message)
  • Coordinator: Professor Ioannis Tzionas, EETT Member

    Invited speakers:
  • Mr. Chris Holden, President, Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council Europe
    “Creating a brighter future”

  • Mr. Birgir Rafn Thrainsson, Managing Director, Gagnaveita Reykjavikur, Iceland
    “The Icelandic FTTH Network - real case, real numbers”

  • Dr. Pantelis Angelides, Founder, Vidavo Health Telematics
    “Broadband services everywhere for healthy living”

  • Mr. Ingmar Höglund, Senior Advisor, Fiber Optic Valley, Sweden
    “Cultural Participation - A democratic right”

  • Discussion
    13.30- 14:30 Lunch break

    14:30- 16:30

    Session 2: Shaping the future of high speed network infrastructures

    What are the alternatives regarding the development of advanced network infrastructures in Greece? Are operator joint ventures and public-private partnerships an efficient means for reducing investment costs and minimizing business risks? What is going to be the most commercially viable technology for fiber deployment? What are the most challenging aspects of deploying NGA networks across Europe? Discussion topics include:
  • Joint investment opportunities in ultra high speed networks
  • Open platforms as the basis of new business models
  • Collocation and fair sharing of network infrastructures
  • Sustainable business cases for competitive broadband
  • Keynote Speaker:
    Professor Sokratis Katsikas, Secretary General for Communications

    Coordinator: Mr. Michalis Sakkas, EETT Vice President

    Roundtable discussion:
  • Mr. Zacharias Piperidis, COO, OTE Group
  • Mr. Photios Savvides, COO, CYTA
  • Mr. Panos Papadopoulos, CEO Forthnet/Nova
  • Mr. Antonis Kerastaris, CEO, Hellas on Line
  • Mr. Grigoris Anastasiadis, CEO, On Telecoms
  • Questions and Answers

    Friday, June 3rd, 2011

    09:30-10:00 Arrivals


    Session 3 : Regulatory challenges towards achieving the Digital Agenda goals

    This session will examine the progress in the implementation of the Commission’s broadband package and the NGA Recommendation in view of pursuing the objectives of the Digital Agenda Europe. How do the European regulators approach such challenges? What will be the role of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) in this direction? High level officials of the European Commission, BEREC and NRAs will present:
  • The key areas of the revised European regulatory framework
  • The BEREC mandate towards a harmonized approach
  • A policy debate : ETNO/ECTA views on the new framework
  • An implementation update of the reforms package in Member States
  • Keynote speaker:
    Mr. Chris Fonteijn, BEREC/OPTA Chairman
    “BEREC and the future of regulation”

    Coordinator: Mr. George Papapavlou, EETT Member

    Roundtable discussion:
  • Mr. Wolf-Dietrich Grussmann, Head, Implementation of Regulatory Framework Unit, European Commission
    “The key areas of the revised European regulatory framework”

  • Dr. Milan Jankovic, Director, Republic Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL), Serbia
    “The impact of EU policies on the Serbian communications landscape”

  • Mr. Luigi Gambardella, Chairman, European Telecommunications Network Operators (ETNO)
    “The ETNO views on the new framework”

  • Ms. Ilsa Godlovitch, Director of Regulatory Affairs, European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA)
    “The ECTA views on the new framework”

  • Dr. Irini Stamatoudi, Director, Hellenic Copyright Organization, Ministry of Culture and Tourism
    “Copyright in the online world”

  • Questions and Answers
    12.00- 12:15 Coffee break

    12:15- 13:30

    Session 4 : Spectrum optimisation policies for next generation mobile broadband

    Will the removal of spectrum restrictions contribute to the development of mobile broadband and to what extent? How will the renewal of GSM spectrum licences impact the mobile industry? Which are the appropriate strategies and policy options for the spectrum’s best usage? How can next generation mobile broadband improve coverage while maximising service delivery and economic benefit? Topics of debate include illuminating presentations on:
  • Lifting technical constraints to optimize spectrum usage
  • Crafting spectrum auctions to comply with EU policies
  • Bridging the digital divide through the deployment of mobile broadband
  • The MVNO business model as a means of improving market efficiency
  • Coordinator: Dr. Constantine Delikostopoulos, EETT Member

    Invited speakers:
  • Mr. Nassos Zarkalis, Chairman and CEO, WIND
    “An operator’s view on spectrum optimization”

  • Mr. Richard Feasey, Public Policy Director, Vodafone Group
    “Bridging the digital divide through the deployment of mobile broadband”

  • Ms. Eirini Nikolaidi, General Councel-Executive Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, OTE Group
    “Mobile Broadband in Greece: Will artificial spectrum shortages hold us back?”

  • Mr. Peter Alexiadis, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
    “Crafting spectrum auctions to comply with EU policies”

  • Dr. Neophytos Papadopoulos, Director, Office of the Commissioner of Telecommunications and Postal Regulators Cyprus (OCECPR)
    “The MVNO business model as a means to deliver quad play services”
  • Discussion

    13.30- 14:30 Lunch break

    14:30- 16:30

    Session 5 : Digital switchover: paving the way towards tomorrow’s broadcasting

    The technological convergence changes the media landscape and challenges the traditional models of delivering audiovisual content. What are the appropriate actions that can lead to timely and successful transition to digital terrestrial television? How can we benefit from the experience of other countries? Panel discussions will bring together the different perspectives of public and private broadcasters on:
  • The progress of the digital switchover process in Greece
  • Synergies between network operators and content providers: European case studies
  • Maximizing the benefits of the digital dividend for the info-communications industry
  • How can creative multi-platform content delivery boost the media industry?
  • A paradigm shift : the role of consumer in the emerging information ecosystem
  • Keynote speaker:
    Mr. Tilemachos Chytiris, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism

    Coordinator: Mr. Angelos Syrigos, EETT Vice President

    Invited Speakers:
  • Mr. Labis Tagmatarhis, CEO, Hellenic Radio and Television (ERT S.A)
    “The public radio and television broadcaster in Greece goes digital”

  • Mr. George Mathios, CEO, Digea, Private Broadcaster’s platform
    “The switchover roadmap of the private broadcasters in Greece”

  • Mr. Enzo Savarese, Commissioner, Regulatory Authority of Italy (AGCOM)
    “Synergies between network operators and content providers in Italy”

  • Mr. Fabio Colasanti, President, International Institute of Communications (IIC)
    “Maximizing the benefits of the digital dividend for the info-communications industry”

  • Questions and Answers


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    Conference Venue:
    DAIS Conference Centre
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    Hotel Pentelikon
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