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Nikos Sifounakis
Vice Minister of Infrastructure, Transport & Networks

Born in Rethymno, Crete, on 21 December 1949
Married to Mrs Mari Daskalantonakis, with whom he has a daughter.
Profession: Architect
Parliamentary activities:
He was elected MP with PASOK in Lesvos in the general elections of 1989 (June and November), 1990, 1993, 1996 and 2000. He was member of European Parliament (PASOK – Socialist Group) after the E.U. elections of 2004. In July 2004, he was elected Chairman of Culture and Education Committee of European Parliament. He was also substitute member of Transport and Tourism Committee as well as member of the EP Delegation to the EU-Armenia, EU-Azerbaijan and EU-Georgia Parliamentary Cooperation Committees.
Political-social activities:
After National Elections of October 4th, 2009, Nikolaos Sifounakis elected MP and appointed Vice Minister of Infrastructure, Transportation & Networks.
He was also, Minister of the Aegean from 13-4-2000 to 10-3-2004, Vice Minister of Culture from 8-7-1994 to 23-6-1995 and Minister of Tourism from 23-6-1995 to 22-1-1996.
During the military dictatorship (1967-74), he was member of the organisation 'Greek Resistance' set up by Alekos Panagoulis. After the fall of the military junta, he joined EDIN (Greek Democratic Youth) and became member of its Central Council. After the death of A. Panagoulis, he recommended the incorporation of EDIN to PASOK.
He was supervisor in the Architettura Ambientale seat, School of Architecture, University of Palermo.
He joined PASOK in 1976. In October 1981, he was appointed Greek representative to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, in the Cultural Heritage Committee. From 1983 to 1987, he was Prefect of Lesvos; and from 1987 to 1989, Director General of Greek TV, channel 1 (ERT1). In 1987, he was awarded by Europa Nostra for his contribution to the preservation of Europe’s architectural heritage. He has written the following books: 1) The Stone-Paved Streets of Lesvos; 2) Industrial Buildings in Lesvos- Oil presses and soap factories; 3) The Stone-Walls of Limnos and the other islands of northeast Aegean, 4) The Stone-Paved Streets of Aegean and Mainland Greece, 5) Churches and country chapels in Limnos- Their History, Architecture and Decoration (with a team of associates), 6) Imvros - Tenedos (The last Greek Days); 7) Submitted proposals, Positions and Political Interventions; 8) Politics: Planning and practice (The experience of the period 2000-2004).
School of Architecture, Genoa (specialised in monument restoration)
Foreign languages:
Italian and French

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